Custom Outdoor Seating Covers

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can add timeless beauty and elegance to your home’s outside space. Whether you’re hosting a fun barbecue, relaxing with family and friends, or just unwinding after work, outdoor tables, chairs, sofas, ottomans, and fire pits provide comfortable areas to enjoy the outdoors. However, regardless of quality, outdoor furniture is susceptible to damage from weather, dust, and dirt that can shorten its life.

Help protect your investment with custom-made outdoor furniture covers from the experts at Coverini. Based in Temple City, California, we create covers made to precisely fit any size or shape of outdoor furniture while retaining the aesthetic appeal of your patio and deck. We offer stylish fabrics in many tasteful colors to complement your outdoor space.

Why Buy Custom-Made Outdoor Seating Covers?

Whatever material your outdoor furniture is made of, sun, rain, and wind can cause irreversible damage. Wood can become cracked and warped, moisture can cause mildew and mold on cushions, colors fade under harmful UV rays, and wind-driven dust can damage glass and stainless-steel surfaces leaving them dull and unattractive. Even waterproof and water-resistant furniture will deteriorate in harsh conditions. Outdoor furniture covers offer protection from the elements to keep your furniture in pristine condition.

However, not all outdoor furniture covers are created equal. Sure, you can buy cheap one-size-fits-all covers, but they don’t necessarily offer your beautiful outdoor furniture the protection it needs. If they’re not fitted properly, the wind can lift the covers or rip them off completely, and rain can get in, leaving moisture trapped under the covers and increasing the risk of mildew forming. Also, covers made from substandard materials will likely not last long and need to be replaced sooner.

You’ve made a considerable investment in your outdoor furniture, so it’s worth a little extra outlay to protect it for many years to come. With custom-made outdoor furniture covers from us at Coverini, each cover is made to fit a specific piece or set of furniture. Our fitted covers feature strong tie-downs to keep them in place when the wind picks up, so your furniture stays protected regardless of the weather.

We use our proprietary Weathersheath fabric for our covers. It offers long-lasting durability and strength to withstand almost any condition. The fabric is water repellent with one-way breathability to allow moisture to escape and reduce the risk of mold and mildew forming. When you visit your patio or deck, your outdoor furniture will be clean, dry, and ready to use, so you can spend less time scrubbing it and more time enjoying it. We can create beautiful custom-made covers for all types of outdoor furniture and accessories.

Our Custom Design Process

At Coverini, we offer custom-made covers for outdoor furniture of all shapes and sizes. Often, covers for square and rectangular-shaped furniture can be designed using detailed measurements from the forms we provide. We recommend you submit photographs of the furniture along with the measurements. Alternatively, one of our design team specialists can meet with you at your home to discuss your needs and take detailed measurements of your furniture and accessories.

In many cases, we can make a pattern for circular and curved pieces to ensure your cover is a perfect fit and follows the furniture’s contours where necessary. This process enables you to see how the cover will look before we even make it. The outcome is a beautiful, form-fitting custom-made outdoor cover that will protect your valuable outdoor furniture.

Custom Outdoor Seating Covers

You can choose custom-made covers for the many different types of outdoor seating available for your space.

Outdoor Sofa Covers

An outdoor sofa is a comfortable seating option. You can arrange two or three sofas to create an outdoor living room-style environment for socializing and relaxing with guests. Sofas come in a variety of sizes and designs. We can create stylish covers for straight or curved sofas, single, two- or three-seater sofas, and right or left-arm loveseats. Even larger multi-seat curved or corner sofas can be perfectly and elegantly protected.

Outdoor Lounge Covers

For relaxing under the sun or reading by the pool, a chaise lounge is the ideal option. You can buy a chaise lounge in a single or double layout or choose a custom design with fixed or adjustable cushions and with or without wheels. We will create perfect-fitting covers for whichever style you opt for.

Outdoor Chair Covers

There is an almost infinite variety of outdoor chairs available to suit every need. Armchairs, club chairs, dining chairs, deckchairs, hanging chairs, and stacking chairs can be a novel, stylish, or practical addition to your patio. Coverini can provide you with the ideal custom-made covers for all seating types.

Rocking Chairs

The gentle motion of a rocking chair provides the perfect way to relax on a veranda, patio, or deck. Making custom rocking chair covers has its challenges, but at Coverini, we’re up to the task.

We also create covers for complete table and chair sets and outdoor furniture accessories. Whether it’s a side table, fire pit, barbecue, outdoor kitchen, or even pool and ping-pong tables, we can take care of them.

How To Measure

When taking the dimensions of your outdoor furniture, you need to measure the longest, widest, highest, and deepest parts of each piece. Consider if the arms or cushions extend beyond the frame to ensure the cover isn’t too small. Below, you’ll find measurement forms for every type of furniture and accessory to help you.

Start Your Custom-Made Cover Design Today

Whatever the type of outdoor furniture you have, it’s an investment worth protecting. We are available seven days a week to answer your questions and start designing your custom-made outdoor furniture covers. Contact us today by phone or send us an email by completing the web form.