Custom Grill Covers

You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on the perfect outdoor kitchen setup. So it makes sense to protect your investment by investing in a custom grill cover that protects your outdoor frills from the elements. Choosing a high-quality custom grill cover over a run-of-the-mill generic cover can improve the level of protection for your grill and keep your kitchen running like a well-oiled machine.

At Coverini, we strive to create custom-made furniture covers including high-quality custom grill covers that are made to last for years to come. Keep on reading to learn more about the different types of grill covers we can make and how to get started on crafting a cover for your outdoor kitchen.

Types of Custom Grill Covers

Regardless of your outdoor kitchen setup, we have a custom grill cover that can protect your grill. Here are the different options available to you:

  • Barbecue grill cover: Many grill owners opt for freestanding grills as they are more portable than other grill options and often have gas and charcoal options for discerning grill connoisseurs.
  • Built-in grill cover: Built-in grills are permanently installed grills that are incorporated into a pre-fabricated or custom-built outdoor kitchen. They are made to fire up quickly as many of them use gas as their heat source.
  • Island grill cover: These types of grills combine built-in grills with ample counter space to transform your grill into a central point of your barbecue. These grills can either be a part of a custom-built outdoor kitchen, or you can get an island grill on wheels to improve the maneuverability of your grill.

Choosing a custom cover to protect your assets instead of one that is simply large enough to fit over your grill has many benefits. For one, you can get a snug fit around your grill, which means more effective protection from the elements. This snug fit also means the wind can’t just pick up and carry your grill cover away like it might with a loose-fitting generic cover.

Importance of Protecting Your Outdoor Grill

Your grills see lots of sun, rain, snow, and general debris. Over time this can cause your grills to rust and even wear down faster, ultimately leaving you to replace your grill before its time. Protecting your grill from the elements with a custom grill cover means no more pollen or rust covering your grill, and no more additional wear and tear. A grill cover can improve the life span of your grill, keeping it the centerpiece of cookouts for years to come.

Fabrics Used in Custom Grill Covers

Here at Coverini, we have several materials like solution-dyed acrylic, marine-grade vinyl, and breathable mesh. However, we also use our proprietary Weathersheath fabric that takes all the benefits of the other fabrics and combines them into one durable material. You get the vibrant coloring and durability of solution-dyed fabric, the water-repellency of marine-grade vinyl, and the breathability of breathable mesh all in one. Our Weathersheath fabric comes in seven different colors:

  • Charcoal.
  • Forest.
  • Mocha.
  • Onyx.
  • Pacific.
  • Camel.
  • White.

Our unique fabric is built to repel water, snow, and ice from seeping through the fabric and onto your grill. It is also a one-way fabric, meaning that water can’t get in but moisture can evaporate out. This keeps any moisture from being trapped in your custom cover and rusting your beautiful grill. With additional items, like adjustable straps and drawstrings, you can count on our covers to cover every inch of your grill from top to bottom.

How To Measure for a Custom Grill Cover

Getting the best-fitted custom cover for your grill comes down to accurate measurements. As you submit these measurements yourself, knowing how to take the right measurements is essential. Here are some steps you can follow to accurately measure your grill for a custom-fit cover:

  1. Measure the grill’s width: Measure from the left side to the right side of your grill with the lid shut. If you have a built-in or island grill, measure the width from one side of the counter or island to the other.
  2. Find the depth of your grill: Measure your grill from the back of the grill to the front, including the grill handle in your calculations. If you have a built-in or island grill, measure from the back of the counter or island to the front while also including the grill handle or any other protruding elements.
  3. Capture the height of your grill: Measuring from the ground to the top of your grill with the lid closed can yield the most accurate numbers. If you have a vent or pipe that connects to your grill and goes higher than the top of your grill, include that measurement as well.

As grills, outdoor kitchens, and island grills come in all shapes and sizes, it’s a good idea to include pictures when you submit your order request form. This can help those making your cover understand the measurements better, ultimately improving the final result.

Explore Coverini’s Custom Grill Cover Options

With grills in all shapes and sizes, you can trust the experts at Coverini to create a high-quality grill cover that will last for many seasons. We pride ourselves in our commitment to top-tier quality and customer satisfaction. If you’re ready to get started on creating a beautiful cover for your grill, visit our website where you can explore a wide range of custom grill cover options and fabrics.

Protect Your Grill Investment With a Custom Cover

In short, protecting your grill from the elements is more than just a visual statement, it can keep your grill in tiptop shape for years to come. Opting for a high-quality grill cover from Coverini can provide even more peace of mind as our covers are built to stand the test of time, no matter the outdoor environment. If you need help getting started or have questions about our custom covers, give us a call and our team of experts will happily help you out. We look forward to crafting the perfect cover for you soon.