About Coverini

Our Story

Made in USAOccasionally companies sprout up because they notice things can be made and done better. In our case, we noticed many areas in the field of outdoor furniture covers needed major improvements. We would love to say we invented the outdoor furniture cover, but word has it that the ancient Romans lay claim to that. One can only imagine how important it is to protect a chariot.. So the outdoor furniture cover precedes us by a millennia, so what. We can proudly say that we have been in the outdoor furniture industry for over 20 years and have an acute knowledge on how furnishings should be protected.

For far too long important characteristics such as durability, customization, aesthetic, and customer service have been overlooked or altogether ignored. For what seems like a millennia, the industry has dictated a substandard way furniture covers are made and sold. We realized we had to do something to pull outdoor furniture covers out of 27 BC.

The Mission of Coverini Was Born

Our timeline begins in 1997 when our parent company Teak Master was born. Teak Master is an exterior wood refinishing company that started out restoring teak furniture. Clients quickly began inquiring about covers to protect their wood furniture. As years went by, with no breathable covers to sell, a few of us on the team realized a void that needed to be filled. We turned to our friends in the marine industry for help. Most fabrics suggested were not able to allow air to escape or were too heavy so we had our own proprietary blend made, Weathersheath.

Our company, Coverini, began taking shape and known for the finest covers made for outdoor teak furniture. Word quickly spread that the breathability and durability of our material is a perfect match to protect all exterior furnishings. Being able to speak with a live service technician that can help select the correct size and color has truly taken the industry out of the dark ages. Coverini proud to offer the finest hand crafted outdoor covers made in the United States. Our joy truly comes from making something better to protect your outdoor investments.