Custom Made Outdoor Furniture Covers

The beauty of outdoor furniture is there are thousands of choices to select from in terms of material and design. Many of these distinctive styles have varying shapes and sizes and require a tailored and fitted outdoor furniture cover. Coverini offers custom made outdoor furniture covers that are fabricated to fit any shape or dimension. Our custom made furniture covers not only fit like a glove, but they are hand made to look just as amazing as the furnishings they are placed on.

Custom Design Process

A design team specialist will meet with you at your home to take detailed dimensions of your furniture. Square and rectangular shapes can often be made using detailed dimensions and photos. In many cases, an actual pattern will be made for curved or rounded pieces so your cover fits absolutely perfect and contours where needed. You get to see what the cover will look like before it’s even made! This process eliminates the hassle of going back and forth adjusting a cover that doesn’t fit. The outcome is a beautiful and sleek form fitting custom made outdoor cover that will protect your valuable outdoor furniture in style.