Custom Outdoor Sofa Covers for Sale

When you invest in outdoor sofas, you can create an elegant and stylish living space on your patio, deck, or veranda for entertaining friends or relaxing with your family. Outdoor furniture extends the beauty of your home’s interior to the outside. Whether you’re hosting a sociable barbecue or just unwinding after a hard day, an outdoor sofa is the perfect place to sit.

However, when your outdoor furniture is not in use, it’s important to protect it from damage from UV rays, wind, rain, dirt, dust, mildew, and mold. At Coverini in Temple City, California, we create custom-made outdoor furniture covers that are just as elegant as the furniture underneath, while protecting your investment from the harsh California climate. Here, we take a look at the types of outdoor sofa covers for sale.

Custom Outdoor Sofa Covers

With the right outdoor furniture and accessories, you can add an elegant living area to your patio or deck, where you can host parties or just relax under the sun. Outdoor sofas offer comfortable and stylish seating where you can cuddle up with a loved one, sit and read a book, or have fun times with friends. To ensure your sofa is clean and ready to use when you want to enjoy your outdoor living space, you should invest in custom-made sofa covers to protect it and keep it free from dust and debris.

You can choose sofas in many shapes and sizes, from straight-backed sofas, curved sofas, L-shaped sofas, and more. Whatever the shape and size of your sofa, Coverini will design and make a custom cover that hugs every contour of your sofa. Each time you remove the cover, you can be confident your sofa will be clean and look like new.

Custom Outdoor Loveseat Covers

A loveseat adds a cozy outside spot to spend relaxing times with your loved one or a place to unwind after a hard day’s work. When paired with sofas and accessories, it expands the available seating in your outdoor living room. A custom-made outdoor loveseat cover will help keep your investment in pristine condition for as long as you own it. Our hard-wearing and breathable covers protect your outdoor furniture from sun, rain, wind, and ice.

Custom Outdoor Sectional Sofa Covers

Sectional sofas are a chic and classy addition to your outside space with their rich upholstered appearance. They are also wonderfully versatile, enabling you to arrange the sections in a variety of positions to enhance the look of your outdoor living room. Create a cozy and sociable U-shape arrangement or a comfortable L-shape that lets you and your guests spread out.

Whatever arrangement you choose for your sectional sofa, at Coverini we can design stylish form-fitting covers that will keep your furniture looking like new for years to come. Whether your sectional sofa has left- or right-facing arms, or no arms at all, we ensure your covers are a perfect fit. If you have matching armchairs, you can get a single elegant cover to protect the whole set.

Fabrics Used

When outdoor furniture is left unprotected, rain can cause the deterioration of wooden parts and result in mold or mildew on cushions. Under harmful UV rays, soft and hard materials will fade and lose their luster. When exposed to the wind, your furniture will get covered in dust and debris. Each time you want to use your outdoor living space, you’ll probably have the hassle of cleaning the furniture before you can relax.

At Coverini, we create our outdoor sofa covers from our proprietary Weathersheath fabric. This high-performance material offers long-lasting durability and strength to protect your outdoor furniture from harmful weather conditions for many years. Available in a choice of eight stylish colors, the fabric is solution-dyed for maximum fade resistance.

With a combination of plain weave and basket weave, the Weathersheath fabric offers 96% water repellence. It also provides one-way breathability that allows moisture to escape, helping to prevent the formation of mold or mildew. The lightweight fabric has a luxurious appearance and texture that adds elegance to your outdoor space while protecting your furniture from whatever the California weather and climate throw at it.

How To Measure

Sofas come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to measure them accurately to ensure the custom-made covers are a perfect fit. You should measure the widest parts of your sofa, including the cushions, and bear in mind that the cushions might extend beyond the frame. We highly recommend that you submit photos of your outdoor furniture along with the measurements.

For a regular sofa, sectional sofa, or loveseat, take the following measurements:

  • Width of the top of the seat back.
  • Width at the widest part of the arms.
  • Width at the widest part of the feet.
  • Depth of the sofa from the back to the front of the arms.
  • Depth of the sofa from the front legs to the back legs.
  • Height of the sofa’s back.
  • Height of the arms from the floor.
  • Thickness of the frame with the cushions in place.

If you’re not comfortable submitting the measurements yourself, we can arrange for one of our design team specialists to come to your home to take detailed dimensions and photographs of your outdoor furniture. For curved sofas, we can create a pattern to ensure a perfectly fitting cover. You can see what the cover will look like before we make it, and it saves making several visits to adjust the cover.

Start Your Outdoor Sofa Cover Design Today

Custom-made covers bring a sleek and stylish look to your outdoor sofas when they’re not being used while protecting your valuable investment. At Coverini in Temple City, California, we create covers for all your outdoor furniture and accessories. Whether it’s a sofa, a dining set, an ottoman, a fire pit, or a barbecue, our covers add style and elegance to your home’s outside space. Contact us today to begin the custom design process and protect your valuable furniture.