Custom Fire Pit Covers

Most of us lead busy lives these days, and it sometimes feels like there’s little time for the simple pleasures of relaxation, conversation, and appreciating pleasant afternoons and evenings spent with family and friends outdoors. A fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for sociable gatherings, especially as the sun goes down and the air becomes cooler. Whatever type or design you opt for, you need to protect your fire pit from the elements when it’s not in use. At Coverini in Temple City, California, we can create a stylish custom-made cover for your fire pit.

What Are the Benefits of a Fire Pit?

A fire pit is a focal point that helps extend your living space onto your patio or deck. You can create a unique seating area around the fire pit making it the ideal spot to unwind after a long day. The cozy atmosphere it creates is also ideal for entertaining family and friends. The warmth and light of a fire pit enable you to enjoy your patio even when the nights are cooler.

While entertaining, you can enjoy roasting marshmallows over the open flames or just enjoy the ambiance the crackling of the fire creates. If you’re unwinding on your own or with a loved one, the hypnotic effect of the flames can help you destress and reflect upon life’s simple pleasures.

What Type of Fire Pit is Best?

When it comes to buying the right fire pit for you, there are many choices of shapes, sizes, materials, and fuel. Concrete is the most popular material for fire pits because of its long-lasting durability. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can paint or stain the fire pit to match your existing outdoor decor. This type might be for you if you plan to leave it in the same location for the long term.

Metal fire pits often feature sleek, modern designs and they offer more versatility. Being lightweight, they’re easy to move to different locations around your backyard. You can find metal fire pits with unique styling to add a personal touch to your patio. You can choose finishes such as stainless steel or hammered copper. Whatever material you decide on, it’s important to protect your investment with a high-quality cover from Coverini when it’s not in use.

As for fuel, a wood-burning fire pit adds a rustic ambiance to your patio, but you do need a supply of wood to hand to feed the flames. Natural gas and propane fire pits are convenient and clean-burning options. They provide the atmosphere and warmth of a real fire without the mess and bother of a wood-burning fire pit. Natural gas might be the best option for a fixed fire pit, while propane offers more versatility.

Custom Square Fire Pit Covers

Square fire pits are perfect for those who are looking for a classical symmetrical appearance. They’re a great choice for smaller outdoor spaces or as a focal point on larger patios. They can easily be incorporated into your existing patio or deck design. With a custom-made fire pit cover from Coverini that matches your outdoor furniture covers, your square fire pit will look great even when not in use.

 Custom Round Fire Pit Covers

Circular fire pits are often thought of as the traditional shape of fire pits. They’re ideal for smaller groups of people and create a cozy, intimate gathering space for your family and friends. Here at Coverini, we can tailor-make a round fire pit cover with a perfect fit to help keep your investment in pristine condition.

Custom Rectangle Fire Pit Covers

Rectangular fire pits generally feature modern and sleek designs that stand the test of time. They’re great for accommodating bigger groups of people and typically offer plenty of table space for food and drinks. Whatever the size of your rectangle fire pit, our custom-made cover will protect it from whatever the weather throws at it.

Fabrics Used

Getting the right fabric and color for your fire pit cover helps maintain the aesthetic appearance of your outdoor space. At Coverini, our high-quality covers are created from our proprietary Weathersheath fabric, which we offer in eight tasteful colors to compliment your home’s exterior design. Weathersheath is an attractive fabric that offers the strength and durability to protect your fire pit from wind, rain, snow, ice, dust, and debris.

This fabric has unmatched water-repellent qualities while also offering one-way breathability that enables moisture to escape from beneath the cover. The lightweight fabric is easy to handle, which also makes it easy to store when not in use. After using the cover to protect your fire pit, the next time you want to heat your patio, your fire pit will be in pristine condition.

How To Measure Your Fire Pit

Whatever the shape of your fire pit, measuring it for a custom-made cover is an easy process. For a square or rectangular fire pit, measure the top and bottom width, the top and bottom depth, and the height. For a round fire pit, we just need the diameter or width of the fire pit and the height. All measurements provided should be in inches. We highly recommend that you submit photos of your fire pit for our reference.

If you have any doubts or concerns about measuring your fire pit, or any other outdoor furniture, one of our design team specialists can meet with you at your home to take detailed dimensions. We aim to ensure that all our custom-made outdoor covers are a perfect fit to maintain the beauty and condition of your investment.

Start the Custom-Made Cover Design Process Today

At Coverini in Temple City, California, our specialist design team is ready to create beautiful, stylish custom-made covers for your outdoor furniture and accessories. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the best covers and colors to enhance your home’s patio or deck.