Pre-made Furniture Covers

Measuring your outdoor furniture for protective covers can be a annoying task. There are so many shapes, sizes, and contours that can often be confusing leaving you unsure you measured correctly. We feel that having any doubt when you are purchasing outdoor furniture covers needs to be eliminated. In fact, why should you have to do all the work? Let us help you. Working together as a team will ensure your are receiving the correct size. We have compiled an extensive database of dimensions for dining sets, chaise lounges, chairs, sofas, love seats, umbrellas, tables, and more. As modern furniture shapes and sizes constantly change, so does our database. We will find something thats works!

Getting Started

Simply give us a call or download and fill out our measuring forms. Yes, you read correctly. You can actually speak with a trained outdoor furniture cover expert, ready to help you measure and purchase. Photos can also be uploaded to help make sure you are measuring correctly and help with other areas such as fabric selection. Being as detailed as possible will help the process move forward. We will search our database to find a cover that works best for each piece. If we do not have a cover that fits, we can custom make something that does. Either way, we have you covered.