Coverini Difference

Design Specialist

When you contact Coverini, a trained design specialist will work with you to help choose or fabricate the correct size and color. There’s no guessing here. Personalized service to help you select the finest outdoor furniture covers is job one at Coverini.

Premium Fabric

Our covers are constructed with our own proprietary durable long lasting WeatherSheath fabric that offers optimal breathability while blocking harmful UV and contaminants. This lightweight high performance fabric is made to withstand extreme environmental conditions while keeping its structural integrity and color for many years.

Custom-Made Covers

Our easy to use covers are available with marine shock cord and clips, zippers, weighted sand capsules, and drawstring fastening systems for a snug and stable fit. All of our covers and WeatherSheath fabric are handmade in the U.S.A. Delivery and installation is available by trained technicians that will let you know the best way to fasten and care for your covers.